Who Is Servex?

SERVEX, through our affiliated software development company, Pinnacle Innovations, has developed a sophisticated Warehouse Management System that addresses all key activities within the logistics operations.

This system uses scanned bar code auto I.D. technology in all processes into, out of and within the warehouse. Each system is customized to include as much sophistication as is required by the distribution activities we are directed to perform by the client.

And this customization can include enhanced, table driven decision making in all processes -- a feature that is particularly valuable in a sophisticated, multi-layered reverse logistics process.

Pinnacle's software development team also has extensive experience in designing interfaces to our clients legacy systems. This allows us to perform all warehouse activities, unhampered by the security or operating restrictions of your internal inventory/accounting controls. But it also allows us to receive data that assists in warehouse verification (i.e. open P.O.'s, ship to field orders, return material authorizations, etc.) and pass, verified, confirmed data back to your system in flat file format or as a highly interactive but secure terminal interface.

The WMS, when combined with a client systems interface provides you with tools for inventory management and analysis that can be quite comprehensive. And frequently, because our system focus is warehouse management, this reporting is beyond what is normally available from the traditional rigid accounting and audit derived in-house inventory module.

  • WMS management reports are easily accessed, extremely flexible, and include a wide variety of standard reports to bolster your current financial reporting
  • Custom reports are quickly and easily prepared and available
  • Inventory management analysis and consultation and decision support can be added for full Logistics Integration services.

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