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Many companies have found a most interesting management challenge within distribution logistics in the handling of returned product -- encompassing new, used, defective, and surplus. Industries -- particularly telecommunications -- have recognized that there are tremendous assets hidden in the quagmire of field or customer returned material.

  • A supply of internal reuse material
  • Emergency replacement / loaner product source
  • Secondary market resale income
  • Scrap / salvage return of capital

These assets can be tapped to strengthen customer service, to improve inventory utilization and to create a very real revenue stream. But these worthwhile achievements can only be reached by handling this material with as much attention to detail and priority as is usually only given to new purchases.

SERVEX has advanced our ability to handle this material through years of handling the revolving inventory of circuit pack at operating telephone company central stocks. Reverse logistics can be incorporated into a complete distribution center or set up as a stand-alone operation handling these unique activities only:

  • Receiving defective returns for repair administration back to your plant or back to your suppliers.
  • Warranty monitoring and non-warranty billing and administration.
  • Pre-repair testing or inspection to:

    1. Weed out "No Trouble Found" items
    2. Identify unrepairable material
    3. Prevent unidentified defectives from recirculating

  • Repackage, label and stocking of material for internal reuse.
  • Salvage of parts and/or components for service support.
  • Identification and inventory of material for resale on the secondary market.
  • Sort and / or "demanufacture" of material for the scrap market.

SERVEX can take this often disorderly and frustrating activity and turn it into a tidy, revenue producing profit center.

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