Who Is Servex?

SERVEX has been providing custom third party warehouse logistics services since 1980. We have built long and short term, interim support, and seasonal contracts, each designed around the exact requirements of the clients business goals. This has often included the more labor intensive and time sensitive services frequently passed over by standard public storage companies.

While our client list is widely varied, SERVEX has focused many years and resources on developing special knowledge of the telecommunications industry and their needs for logistics support. This specialization ensures that all SERVEX operations are staffed with people knowledgeable in the responsibilities of a quick response service environment that characterizes the operating telephone service providers, their suppliers, contractors and end users.

Many of SERVEX's key managers are veterans of telecommunications companies and have advanced as specialists in adapting the unique service needs of that industry to third party distribution logistics activities.

SERVEX past and current clients include:

AT&T Public Communications
AT&T Network Systems
Lucent Technologies
ADC Telecommunications
Ameritech Cellular
Ameritech / Illinois Bell
Butler Engineering
DSC Communications
Hendry Telecomunications Products
Northern Telecom
Pacific Bell
Rolm Company
Computer City Stores
Edward Hospital
Heartland Blood Centers
Gunold & Stickma
Japha International / Tellabs
T & J Adventures


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