Who Is Servex?

By custom designing each warehouse support service contract to the exact needs of the client SERVEX is presented with opportunities to add to the operations performed within the distribution center that go far beyond the traditional basics of distribution -- receiving, storage and order processing. These added activities bring the warehouse to the next level of commitment to our customers -- the role of "Provider Of Value Added Services".

The newest trends in logistics strategy can be built into the operation from the start or added as the business evolves:

  • Cross docking
  • Emergency trans-ship to other distribution centers
  • Order or project consolidation from multiple sources
  • Just-in-time support for manufacturing or installation
  • End customer directed inventory

Many clients have also found that the warehouse can be the ideal location to perform certain activities that might have been previously part of their manufacturing or final assembly process.

  • Assembling component kits
  • Mass customization - final assembly to end customer order
  • Bar code labeling
  • Case labeling and compliance labeling
  • Special packaging
  • Inspection / testing
  • Reverse Logistics

The data collected at the warehouse on the many activities conducted can also support the creation of management reports and analysis tools. SERVEX has developed custom operations that use this valuable data from our Warehouse Management Systems Adding analysis tools and pro-active recommendations elevates the SERVEX position within the customer's organization to the highest level as a third-party service provider -- the role of Logistics Integrator.

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